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London Drainage Patch Repairs

Our DrainLocal vans have recently been upgraded with the latest ‘No Dig Technology’ equipment. This means that our engineers can carry out repairs to underground drainage systems without the customer having to incur the unnecessary cost of digging machines and days of manuals labour costs in revealing the drain pipes underground to carry out the repair. Our equipment will drastically bring down the costs of your drain repair and we can usually have the job completed within a couple hours.

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Patch Repair process

The process is similar to pipe-relining however; a patch repair is only 600mm-1000mm in length and the balloon process is much quicker and stronger. A thinner material than a structural liner is covered in resin and then rapped securely around an inflatable tube. The tube, remaining deflated, is then pushed into the required position in the pipe covering the faulty area. The tube is then blown up to the shape of the pipe for approximately 30-60 minutes whilst the resin hardens. The air is then let out of the inflatable tube, which is then dragged back out of the pipe leaving the patch repair secured perfectly against the pipe wall.

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Patch repairs are a good, cost effective alternative to drain re-lining if only a small section of drain-pipe needs repairing. A good example of a small repair would be a slipped collar. What tends to happen in clay pipes is the mortar in the collar, which holds two drain pipes together cracks and falls out due to the pipes not being able to cope with movement under the ground. This can cause water to seep out of the open joint and into the ground beneath the collar, which eventually wears away at the soil then causing the collar joint to move and therefore cause a lip inside the pipe. The more ground beneath the pipe wearing away, the more chance that a larger section of pipe will crack or collapse which will require digging up and repairing. A simple patch repair will lift the joining pipes back in line with each other (once cured) and make the joint watertight.

If you have a larger length of pipe (Over 1000mm) that needs repairing then you will need to consider Drain Re-lining. Please Click Here to read more.

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Repair & Installations

We can carry out all types of Drainage Repairs, Excavations, Inspection Chamber Installations and Manhole Cover Repairs throughout London.

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Drain Re-lining & Patch Repairs

Our vans have recently been upgraded with the latest ‘No Dig Technology’ equipment. This means that our engineers can carry out repairs to underground drainage systems without having to dig up your garden.

Drain Re-liningPatch Repairs

Maintenance Plans

We offer maintenance plans for all our drainage services. Our scheduled maintenance plans will be designed to fit around your home or business and it’s drainage system to ensure your drainage system runs smoothly all year round.

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Pipe Descaling & Root Removal

We have invested in one of the best machines produced for Pipe Descaling and Root Removal. Our machines are capable of adapting to carry out a wide range off pipe cleaning jobs due to the number of attachments are vans are stocked with.

Pipe DescalingRoot Removal

Vacuum Tanker Hire

We provide a 24-hour response to floods, cest pit emptying, road gully clearance, grease trap removal, foul and petrol overspill. Our drain tanker operates all across London within and around the M25 boundary. 

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