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London Blocked Toilets Cleared only  £100

Our expert London toilet unblocking service is available at only  £100 with no hidden charges. If you have tried using the readily available clearing products or plunging and you are still having problems, you should give a professional drainage company a call. We have experienced engineers ready and waiting to get your sink working again quickly with very little fuss.

Our Toilet Unblocking Service

We use a staged approach to blocked toilets in London, designed to give you the lowest cost solution. We start with manual methods first but if the blockage wont shift we will move on to our mechanical toilet unblocking techniques. You will only have to pay for the one that solves your blocked toilet problem.

With our fixed fee service we guarantee that you won’t pay a penny more than is advertised and if we cannot clear the blockage then your covered with our  No Clear, No Charge Policy.



Our manual blocked toilet service is the most competitive in London. 

We have a range of high pressure plungers that will create a suction force that should dislodge the blockage, allowing it to flow down the waste pipe. This usually solves the problem in most cases if the blockage is close to the toilet. 

If the blockage won’t budge then we will evaluate the problem and give you a no obligation quote to for the mechanical methods. Our No Clear, No Charge Policy means there will be no charge for the manual attempt.

Free Blockage Analysis


Mechanical Unblocking

If we cannot get enough suction, possibly due to the blockage being further down the waste pipe, we can use our specialist machinery to to go down the pipe and break the blockage down.

We give free onsite quotes for this problem as it depends on your toilet plumbing set up and blockage location as to how we tackle it.

We may require the removal of your toilet or some tiling to gain access to the waste pipe opening. Whatever the case you can be assured our engineers have the training & tools to be able to put your bathroom back how it was, guaranteed!

Free On Site Quote

Please Note – The prices quoted are for work during normal working hours. For out of hours pricing, please see our: Emergency Service page

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Stubborn Blockages
No Clear, No Charge
Payment Methods

Still Blocked? There’s No Charge!

If the blockage is still too stubborn for either the manual or mechanical methods we will not charge you for either service. Instead we will undertake a more detailed analysis of your problem using our CCTV equipment to find out what is causing the problem. Then we will provide a free no obligation estimate for the correction works.

Persistent Blocking?

Our engineers will advise on the cause of the blockage to help you make sure it doesn’t happen again. If your sink or drain is persistently blocking then we suggest carrying out a CCTV Drain Survey to assess the waste pipe for any defects or partial blockages that may cause build ups in the future.

No Clear, No Charge Policy

If we can’t clear your blockage using manual or mechanical techniques, there will be no charge for our service! This gives you peace of mind and ensures you are getting our best work!

Instead we will undertake an assessment of your drainage system to allow us to provide you with a No Obligation Quote for any remedial work.

Payment Methods

If the blockage is still too stubborn for either the manual or mechanical methods we will not charge you for either service. Instead we will undertake a more detailed analysis of your drainage system to find out what is causing the problem. For more information please see our Repairs Page.

Debit/Credit Cards

We accept all major Debit & Credit Cards via our Card Terminal either from the engineer on site or over the phone with our office on 0203 603 6012.


We accept payment via Bank Transfer which must be made within 48 hours of completion of a job.

Cash & Cheques

We also accept cheques and cash if the invoice total is below £350 unless authorised by our office.

Commercial Clients

Our payment terms are flexible and can be negotiated with our commercial clients. Unless agreed or stated our standard payment terms are 30 days.

Emergency Services

At DrainLocal we know how devastating some drainage issues can be on your home or business which is why we take our emergency call out service seriously. We offer 24/7 drain services all year round and with our London wide network of drainage engineers we aim tirelessly to get to you within 2 hours.

Our standard hours for the prices above is 8pm to 6am Monday to Saturday. Please follow the link below to see our out of hours emergency pricing.

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